The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) reportedly released COVID-19, or the CCP virus, as a test of a military bioaerosol during the Military World Games held in Wuhan between Oct. 18 and 27, 2019, according to a report by a Chinese internal source to The Gateway Pundit.

According to the source, the outbreak among the population of Wuhan was unexpected and was due to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) underestimating the transmissibility of the virus.

The virus was reportedly designed to be highly contagious, generally show no symptoms, have low lethality, and produce a large number of variants. It also possesses characteristics that could provide plausible deniability that it’s a biological weapon.

Based on the internal Chinese source, they chose scientists from the Wuhan Institute of Virology for transmission testing and the World Military Games were the ideal setting for a long-term effects test as foreign participants would carry the virus back to their home countries and the consequences could be seen.

By early 2019 there was already a sample of COVID-19 ready for testing, while, in parallel, a vaccination program was underway.

In Jan. 2017, the People’s Liberation Army of China and Peking University held a symposium called “Peking University Military-Civilian Fusion Bioaerosol Seminar.”

The organizers of this seminar were Shun-xiang Huang from the PLA Chemical Defense Institute and Mao-sheng Yao from Peking University.

More than two dozen Chinese universities joined the PLA Veterinary Institute, PLA Hospital 302, PLA Chemical Defense Institute and PLA Academy of Military Medical Medical Sciences to realize a strategic plan for military-civilian integration of bioaerosol.

In Dec. 2020, Shun-xiang Huang, an expert in human-to-human viral disease spread, published together with the  Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Institute of the PLA, a paper on how an influenza epidemic would spread in the United States.

For his part, Mao-sheng Yao did his undergraduate work in the United States, with a master’s degree from the University of Alabama, a PhD from Rutgers University and a postdoc from Yale University, and became an expert in monitoring and measuring microorganisms in the environment. In Dec. 2019, he was awarded a Chinese patent with the title “Method for Rapidly Detecting Pathogenic Microorganisms in Air and Respiratory Tract on Site.”

The People’s Liberation Army of China was awarded prizes and high honors, showing the importance of this type of military bioaerosol research by the CCP.

Yu-Wei Gao, a member of the PLA Military Veterinary Institute, has a key role in this type of research and holds at least nine patents in the last eight years related to microorganism aerosols.
Yu-Wei Gao, along with other members of the PLA Military Veterinary Institute, experimented on animals with environmental transmission of influenza viruses capable of infecting humans and conducted experiments to manipulate viruses to make them more infectious.

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