The Chinese regime is paying the price for the crimes it has committed in the past—the facts are clear—as are the consequences they are facing from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Beijing is said to have actively concealed important information that caused COVID-19 to spread worldwide, and now they are suffering the consequences as the Chinese economy is suffering heavily from the pandemic.

Likewise, the Chinese military is suffering the consequences of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) decades-long one-child policy. In 2012, expert Liu Mingfu of the National Defense University of China said that at least 70% of Chinese soldiers are only children—the rate is 80% for soldiers who directly hold guns.

Facing the consequences of its one-child policy, in 2016, the CCP had to expand its family planning policy by allowing couples to have more children. However, people have accepted the concept of a one-child household that the government crammed into their heads many decades ago. That, combined with uncertain economic conditions, has not encouraged couples to have more children.

According to Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post (SCMP), China’s 10-year census report, published in May 2021, shows that the country will only add 12 million new babies in 2020,—the smallest increase since the 1960s.

A low birth rate that remains the same and even declines will leave the Chinese military unchanged for decades to come. That is to say; they cannot improve the factor that determines the strength of the army—the human factor.

Weak army

To have quick economic success and consolidate their power decades ago, the CCP adopted an extreme and brutal family planning policy. According to the book “Red Sun Empire” by Chinese author Hu Ru Yi, the Chinese government circulated slogans to scare people into following their family planning policy. One slogan was, “I wish for 10 more graves, not 1 more person,” another said, “I would rather the blood flows into a river, not allowing one more person to be born,” still another, “Need an abortion but not abort, [so then] demolish the house and lead the cows.”

Under such intense pressure from the CCP, each Chinese family only has one child, so they cherish their children, especially sons. Each such child is usually taken care of by six people, including parents, grandparents, and great grandparents, so it is easy to have the mentality of considering yourself as the “navel of the universe.” Lack of exercise, lack of life skills, physical weakness, frustration, and the inability to withstand psychological pressure are often manifestations of children who have been cared for too carefully for a long time.

Such children then join the army and become soldiers, finding it difficult to withstand strict disciplinary conditions, while military experts have always asserted that “Discipline is strength of the army.”

According to SCMP, because of the serious shortage of troops, Chinese military officers have to learn to compromise and make concessions to young recruits of Generation Z (born from 1995 to 2010) to ensure their numbers.

Researcher Zhou Shenming in Beijing told SCMP, “Some young soldiers are ready to defy orders and react to their superiors when they are not satisfied. The military is forced to adjust, but many military instructors told me they couldn’t handle the young soldiers.”

Also, according to SCMP, after protests by young soldiers against the ban on using mobile phones, in 2015, the Chinese military was forced to lift this restriction showing the helplessness of Chinese military officers in the face of only children who are seen as princes in families.

The SCMP further reported that the Chinese military had to lower its recruitment standards due to a shortage of soldiers. Since 2014, the PLA has reduced the height requirement from 5′ 4″ inches to 5′ 3” for men and 5′ 3″ to just over 5′ 2″ for women and lowered the standard for short-sighted and overweight applicants. 

The PLA has also begun recruiting unqualified high school graduates for college, although what it needs are high-level military personnel to meet today’s modernizing requirements.

Due to the lack of troops, the Chinese military is also increasing the recruitment of female soldiers. The proportion of female soldiers in China’s military rose from 5% to 7% in the past few years, according to SCMP.

Another factor that makes the Chinese military so weak is psychological problems. As an only child, each Chinese soldier is responsible for his parents and grandparents when growing up. 

It is challenging for a soldier to carry such a psychological burden in battle.

In the past, political commissars in the Chinese military monopolized propaganda and boosted soldiers’ fighting morale. 

However, according to PLA Daily, counseling sessions and psychotherapy have been included in the training program since 2011 to reduce stress for soldiers.

In addition, Chinese soldiers today have access to the Internet early, so many of them know how to bypass the firewall to find factual information that the Chinese government always tries to cover up. When they become aware of the true face of the CCP, they realize that they are not serving an army of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation but are just an enforcing arm of the CCP. They will not be easily fooled into becoming cannon fodder for a force that has tormented the Chinese people for the past hundred years.

One of the “treasures” of the CCP is propaganda. By forcing and integrating propaganda in schools and via its massive media system, the CCP has deceived the Chinese people from a young age into believing that the CCP is the Chinese people and loves the Chinese people. Party means patriotism; patriotism means loving the party.

To make people eager to join the military service, the CCP has always emphasized that being a soldier is a great honor because it is an opportunity to show bravery and courage.

To stimulate the national spirit of the people and soldiers, the CCP and its military constantly use propaganda tricks that they have mastered in their evil deeds. For example, they often reveal “unintentionally” videos that include an emotional soldier in tears singing a patriotic song or a soldier communicating with loved ones via online calls. 

Such videos will make the recruits feel proud, and viewers will be overwhelmed with admiration for the noble sacrifices of soldiers and their families, thereby encouraging more volunteers and aiding the recruitment activities of the CCP.

In September last year, Chinese social media spread a video that showed a group of Chinese soldiers sitting on a bus singing the lyrics of the propaganda song “Green flowers in the army,” then bursting into tears, but their faces were blurred out. It’s generally thought the so-called soldiers were students from local universities, some of whom volunteered to serve on the front lines in Tibet.

The Global Times, one of the CCP’s leading mouthpieces, explained the situation of this group of soldiers, “At that time, they were saying goodbye to their parents and singing the famous military song, ‘The flowers green in the army,’ and the song ‘Go home when you celebrate your merits.'”

However, this video is understood by Chinese netizens and the world vastly different from the CCP’s intention. Netizens believe the video was made when China and India were having a tense clash at the Border, and these soldiers were being forced to go to the front lines. So they cried out of fear, afraid they would die. Other people think they cried because they realized they were about to become cannon fodder for the CCP.

Sometime later, Chinese social media circulated a video showing a group of soldiers sitting in front of a large screen in the hall, crying, while talking to their parents. In the video, a father says: “I’m cheering for you.” His son stood up and burst into tears, waved his hand in a military salute, and choked out, “Dad, mom, I’ll be fine.”

According to Sound of Hope, many netizens who watched this video reacted with exasperation. One person said: “This kind of agitation is only found in the world in North Korea.” Another said, “The trick is consistent. The parents of these kids are also profiteers.” Another person said, “It is because the CCP has kidnapped the friendship, kidnapped the sense of filial piety.”

One person said the CCP only knows how to propagate; when really on the front lines, they basically will not care and leave these soldiers to their fate. However, we found that what this netizen said was not without reason.

At the end of 2020, the PLA announced that it had equipped the Tibet Military District with a “new type of digital warfare system for each soldier.” However, many analysts say that this system comes with a “self-destruct device,” when it’s activated, it destroys the soldiers.

As early as September 2012, the CCP’s PLA Daily boasted of this personal “digital warfare system.” This kit’s core is the “electronic bra,” which contains the camera module, the audio converter box, the information processor, and the power supply unit. Reconnaissance teams will be equipped with the device and infiltrate the enemy’s lines.

Mr. Du Guang Jian, the Head of the equipment inspection team of the PLA, said that if the “digital warfare system” falls into the enemy’s hands, “in addition to being able to self-destruct, this device can also be remotely controlled to self-destruct.” 

That means commanders can activate the device’s self-destruct mode for security, but unfortunately, killing their own soldiers—a cruel, bloodthirsty act to achieve the goal of the CCP.

The seemingly clever propaganda of the CCP and military is having the opposite effect on the Chinese people. Now the people, the soldiers, and the world community realize and better understand the dark nature of the CCP, and therefore, the crimes committed by the CCP will be laid bare for all to see.

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