A report reveals that China may be hiding missiles concealed in shipping containers on cargo ships worldwide, which could be converted into combat vessels should it go to war.

According to The Sun, Chinese analysts warn that the Chinese regime is “secretly developing Trojan Horse-style missiles hidden in shipping containers,” which would then be smuggled to enemy ports on ships that would go unnoticed among the fleet of cargo and fishing vessels, and eventually “become warships.”

Jim Fanell, a retired Navy captain and former chief of intelligence for the Pacific Fleet, warned that such a plan would aggravate the U.S. Navy’s defense situation. This analysis could prove accurate considering the large number of Chinese container ships entering U.S. ports on both coasts. 

“If this capability is confirmed, it will require a completely new screening regime for all PRC flagged commercial ships bound for U.S. ports,” Fanell said.

While Asian military affairs researcher at the International Assessment and Strategy Center, Rick Fisher, told The Sun that China is likely to have such missiles even if it has not confirmed it, as it fits with its military strategies. 

“Chinese strategic preferences for surprise would strongly argue for acquisition” of the missiles, he said. They could be placed on “nondescript small Chinese ships in order to mount surprise missile raids against shore defences to assist follow on amphibious or airborne invasion forces.”

Fisher further asserted that containerized missiles “offer China’s leadership a wide array of options.” He insisted that “The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) is fully capable of using containerized missiles to sow chaos when desired.”

“The EMP blast might take out electronics on the [submarines] and all over the base without having to launch a nuclear missile from China,” Fisher said.

“Washington would be in chaos, would not know against whom to retaliate, and perhaps China uses American distraction to begin its real objective, the military conquest of Taiwan,” the researcher warned.

Beijing is increasing its weapons capability at an accelerated pace and has been demonstrating this with the development of nuclear-capable hypersonic missiles and missiles with electromagnetic pulse warheads that could cause a collapse in the electrical system of an enemy country. 

According to reports, the U.S. Navy and Intelligence were recently surprised when Beijing launched a rocket into space carrying a hypersonic glide vehicle that circled the globe before accelerating toward its target. 

It is also strategically expanding its presence around the world with the Belt and Road infrastructure plan and recent interest in creating a naval base on the Atlantic coast of Africa.

China’s presence off the coast of the small African nation of Equatorial Guinea would allow Beijing to rearm with ammunition, repair, and refit its warships off the east coast.

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