The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) proposed tracking the CCP Virus on a global scale using a mobile application designed to record every person’s trips. Seeking that all governments could have records of positive cases and the movements made by their carriers to determine possible contagion. A perfect excuse to export your control and massive surveillance device to the whole world.

According to reports from the South China Morning Post (SCMP), Chinese leader Xi Jinping, proposed at the recent G-20 summit that countries around the world use a global tracking system for the CCP Virus.

The tracking would be done using a global mobile application and each individual would have a personal QR code, through which any authorized person could scan it and obtain information on their movements, health status, and a history of proximity to infected people.

Xi, warned world leaders of the need for stronger international coordination to restore cross-border movement amid the CCP virus pandemic.

The CCP already uses a QR code system to store data on the health and travel history of its citizens. The software it uses, when scanning an individual’s code designates a color (green, yellow, and red) according to their status, in case it is green, the control agent allows them to continue to circulate. If it detects that he was in proximity of an infected person, it can send him to preventive isolation, and in case he is violating quarantine, it sends him directly to prison. 

All communist regimes in history have been criticized for their eagerness to monitor the movements, beliefs, and behavior of their citizens. 

The CCP, far from being the exception, has incorporated the most advanced technologies to service its intelligence system, managing to develop the most powerful social surveillance apparatus in the world. 

In recent years, the CCP has spent billions of dollars to develop, purchase, and implement the latest technology such as facial recognition, artificial intelligence, and other digital technologies to add to its network of monitoring systems, Fox News reported.

Chinese authorities are weaving ancient and cutting-edge technologies—phone scanners, facial recognition cameras, face and fingerprint databases, and many others—into powerful tools for authoritarian control.

Once combined and fully operational, the tools help police capture the identities of people walking the streets, find out who they are meeting, and identify who belongs and who does not belong to the Communist Party.

Currently within China, there is 1 public surveillance camera installed for every 4 citizens. And the facilities are expected to increase next year to 567 million cameras.

The surveillance system developed in China is also what allows the CCP to intensely persecute political dissidents and minorities such as Uighurs and Falun Gong practitioners

If a global surveillance system such as the one proposed by Xi for the supposed control of the CCP Virus is confirmed, the doors would be opened for the world’s most powerful communist regime to penetrate to all the ends of the earth, accessing the largest data registry and control of individuals in history.

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