A diplomat from a communist-ruled country suggested American leaders should try a Chinese style of leadership on Sept. 22.

Qin Gang raised eyebrows when he encouraged every American to follow the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) style of governing.

The Chinese ambassador to the United States compared so-called Beijing democracy to late President Abraham Lincoln’s definition of a fairly elected political system.

He then claimed the ancient Greeks “invented representative government,” and mainland China was “democratic” too. BL understands this statement is misleading since the CCP adopts an “authoritarian governing model” according to the Council on Foreign Relations website.

Xi Jinping’s ‘democracy’

Qin cited Chinese dictator Xi Jinping’s definition of the Chinese regime. He claimed it was “people centered” and “of the people, by the people, [and] for the people.”

The ambassador claimed everyone should consider the CCP a “socialist democracy” because it stands “united with the people, serving the people.” BL understands many leftist regimes adopt the word ‘people’ to communicate a Marxist theory that everything is community owned, and no private property exists.

The remarks came during a virtual Think Tank Forum, jointly organized by both the Carter Center and George HW Bush Foundation on U.S.-China relations.

Xi previously spread similar ideology at the United Nations General Assembly, saying democracy is not a “monopoly” of any single nation–it is the interests of “people of all countries.”

These comments quickly drew harsh criticism on different social networks.

“Democracy means more than one party,” one user said.

“A blind man preaches the colors of the rainbow,” another user said.

“The CCP has ruled with guns for more than 70 years, how dare any other group compete for power through elections?” a different user added. “Do people have the right to freedom of speech?”

Qin orders US to ‘shut up’

In a previous private meeting, Qin reportedly directed U.S. officials to “shut up” if diplomatic differences cannot be resolved. The abrupt response to an enquiry, about what the United States and China can do to improve bilateral relations, shocked many in attendance.

Former U.S. officials, academics and business leaders with many years of experience in China affairs had organized the meeting in question. Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (R) and former Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew (D) also attended.

UN definition differs

The United Nations (UN) defines democracy very differently to the CCP.

“True free elections must be held so that citizens can exercise their right to vote for representatives and to stand for election, and at the same time enjoy the right of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of assembly,” the UN website said.

The CCP seemingly does the opposite in mainland China. There is neither a free election process nor freedom of speech, press, and assembly.

Freedom House recently ranked China’s internet freedom last for the seventh consecutive year out of more than 70 countries. The BL understands the CCP is not qualified to advocate its so-called democratic freedoms.

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