After the coronavirus outbreak appeared in the city of Wuhan, Hubei, China, it was hidden for a month and now it is spreading around the world causing thousands of deaths, but the Chinese regime is trying to mask its origin.

The Chinese communist regime started a broad international propaganda campaign to misrepresent the origin of the disease, also called COVID-19, reported La Croix International on March 9.

The instructions sent to the embassies say not to mention the Chinese origins of the virus and emphasizing the “unknown origin” of the virus.

“While the virus severely hit Wuhan, where it really originally came from is unknown,” would be part of the propaganda that embassies should be promoting, according to La Croix International.

It is also suggesting that the virus originated outside of China. The Chinese Embassy in Tokyo was mentioning a “Japanese virus,” and other sources, as originating in Italy or Iran.

The media of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), is asking the world to say thank you to its regime, because supposedly, it has handled the epidemic in a way that democratic governments could not.

Furthermore, a book by the Chinese regime that will be published in six languages proclaims that leader, Xi Jinping, is the winner of the virus, this being another of the resources used by the political system to mask the real development of the disastrous disease, according to Foreign Policy.

“The CCP has always had a monopoly on truth and history in China, and now is trying to deny that it originally hid the truth about the virus,” sinologist Steve Tsang said.

The impact of this phenomenon of repeating lies is such that cognitive psychology called it the “illusionary truth effect,” and it is used frequently in politics, advertising, and social media.

Multiple videos published by inhabitants of Wuhan and by journalists who later disappeared, show a reality much cruder and inhumane than that disseminated by the Chinese regime.