According to the Epoch Times, as of 4:00 pm on Dec. 16, the Zhejiang government said that 50 more COVID-19 cases were detected within the past 24 hours in three areas: Ningbo, Shaoxing, and Hangzhou. By Dec. 6, there were 342 cases of COVID infections. 

Zhenhai District of Ningbo City has been in lockdown since Dec. 7, and the strict lockdown measure was applied for Shangyu District of Shaoxing City two days later. 

By Dec. 16, 621,073 people were in self-quarantine, of which 67,673 people were put under monitored quarantine.

An employee of a hotel in Shangyu Economic Development Zone said on Dec. 16 that the hotel had become an isolation point. All medical staff in the hotel are isolated, and hotel staff cannot go home.

The hotel staff said that now all people in the Shangyu district area that belong to Shaoxing city are not allowed to go out, and everybody has to stay inside their house. 

Li Fang, the owner of a fruit farm on Baiguan Street, Shangyu District, told reporters on the afternoon of the 16th, “The epidemic here is very serious, very serious. We are all closed and not allowed to go out. It is said that Shangyu residents will not be allowed to go out for a long time, until Mar. 15.”

Under the CCP’s lockdown measures, many factories in Shaoxing, Ningbo, Tuxi, and Yuyao have all canceled production.

A resident nearby told the Epoch Times that all stores on Cao Street were closed. Shangyu District has rushed to set up 1,300 containers to quarantine residents at sites. 

One person said that the Shangyu Huatong Gymnasium had been partly requisitioned to serve as a concentrated isolation point.

A battery factory on Cao Street is also used as an isolation point with about 160 containers.

No more than 400 covid cases have put more than 600 thousand citizens and all businesses under strict lockdown measures by the CCP. People have questioned if the actual COVID situation in China may not be reported in the international media.

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