In an attempt to boost Beijing’s final medal count over the United States, Chinese state media claimed that Olympic medals won by Taiwan and Hong Kong belonged to China.

China Central Television, a state-run media station in China, released a photo of a final medal count on Instagram on Monday, showing China ahead of the United States, reports FreeBeacon.

The image counts Olympic medals won by Taiwan and Hong Kong, which participated separately in the Tokyo Olympics, as part of China’s final count, despite the fact that China only won 38 gold medals, one fewer than the United States.

The fake number was also distributed on Weibo, a Chinese social media site, in an apparent attempt to increase Beijing’s gold medal count over that of the United States.

The fabrication of Beijing’s Olympic results comes after Chinese propagandists sought to minimize the US accomplishments in the Tokyo Olympics, which ended on Sunday, August 8.

Last week, Chen Weihua, China Daily’s European Union correspondent, tweeted a photo of a tally showing the United States ahead in overall medal count—but behind China in gold medal count—and said, “US media always finds a way to put [the United States] on top.”

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