Responding to a recent vaccine mandate, thousands of health care workers in Alberta province of Canada have voiced their opposition.

According to Health Professionals United, the medical employees were joined by those unvaccinated and those who had already taken the shots. They demanded “principles of medical autonomy, informed consent and freedom of choice,” against the vaccine requirements. 

 “As front-line health care workers, we have witnessed serious adverse events, including deaths, that were temporally, closely associated from the administration of these vaccines,” they said in an Open letter issued on Sept. 9.

The letter was addressed to Dr. Verna Yiu, Alberta Health Services (AHS) president and CEO, and was still open for more signatures to be registered. 

AHS issued the vaccine mandate earlier this week and only allowed until Oct. 31 for all employees to become fully immunized, according to Western Standard

The AHS said it would accommodate those who cannot take the jabs due to medical conditions or a cause protected under the Alberta Human Rights Act.

Those who had not been inoculated and had an exemption granted would be evaluated on an individual basis, the news agency reported.

The Open letter listed several data analyses from peer-reviewed publications and argued that the jabs were not as critical to fending off COVID-19 as it had been perceived. 

“Asymptomatic unvaccinated people have never been proven to be more infectious or transmit more disease than vaccinated individuals,” the letter reads, adding that the survival rates from COVID-19 had been relatively high, at 99.7%. 

The letter also pointed to the downplay of natural immunity and the recently discovered flaw with the jabs: their protection wanes over time.

“AHS’s own data shows currently approximately 25% of all new cases are in fully vaccinated patients and over 18% of hospitalizations are also fully vaccinated with percentages increasing as weeks go by,” the letter reads.

“The United Kingdom and Israel—two highly vaccinated countries have extremely high percentages of hospitalized patients being fully vaccinated,” it added.

Alleging that the AHS’s vaccine policies would deter many employees from “performing the jobs they have done valiantly over the past eighteen months,” the group stressed for the mandate to “be rescinded immediately.”

The Health Professionals United mentions on its website that they were targeting signatures from at least 100 physicians and 1000 other health care professionals.

According to LifesiteNews, as of Friday, Sept. 17, the site had been able to gather in total 2792 signatures. 

The news agency reported that the letter was signed by 1052 nurses, 197 physicians, 173 EMS, 69 dentists, 128 lab technicians, 72 health students, and 497 other healthcare workers. It further collected signatures from 352 support staff, 136 Allied health professionals, and 40 psychology students.

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