Burma’s military regime seized the bank accounts of the Open Society Foundation (OSF), an organization owned by billionaire financier of leftist groups around the world, George Soros, suspected of interfering in the country’s politics. 

In addition, arrest warrants were issued for 11 OSF officials who are charged with funding the opposition after OSF transferred $1.4 million from the bank a week after the Feb. 1 coup against the military junta without seeking permission from the Foreign Exchange Management Department, according to Reuters on March 16. 

The money reportedly financed the civil disobedience movement created by the opposition to the regime to promote strikes against the junta, which OSF representatives deny. 

Also, several photos were published of detained government leader Aung San Suu Kyi in meetings with Soros in 2016 in New York and of her with her son, Alexander Soros, in Burma, presented by Burma’s pro-military Global New Light media.

Soros is known for subsidizing through an extensive network of foundations and national and regional offices, leftist projects that undermine the orderliness and independence of many countries, including the United States, where he is shunned by many. 

Just last month Soros was accused by the founder of the Indian media Goa Chronicle, Savio Rodrigues, of misleading the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, by trying to pit Hindus against Muslims.

Rodrigues said, “You are a liar Mr. George Soros. Most importantly, you are an economic terrorist and a threat to democracies around the world.”

He added, “You are the fuel that funds anarchists around the world,” in line with the perception generated by Soros’s interventions in many countries, from institutions financed with his money, including the OSF, have been expelled.

Rodrigues also linked alleged climate change activist Greta Thunberg to Soros’s Open Society Foundation in interference against the Indian government. 

Soros is funding a broad campaign in the United States to replace prosecutors with left-leaning ones, who tend to relax law enforcement and consequently increase crime.

In addition to being a major donor to the Democrats, several of President Joe Biden’s officials have been linked to Soros’s organizations, so it is inferred that his influence will be growing in the current presidential term.

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