Brexit driven by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is a threat to the integrity of the EU, political expert Richard Werly warned Brussels.

According to the Daily Express, Werly explained that Johnson’s position as Brexit’s negotiator is now stronger than it was in 2019, and could become “unpleasant” for the EU because it aims to reach an agreement in 2020, a process that normally takes several years.

“With the British election in his favor, Boris Johnson can now run more strongly and I fear that the unity that existed in the 27 [EU countries] could be unstable in the coming months,” Werly predicted.

“At some point, different countries will take the calculator and start to see what the benefits are of having a good trade relationship with the UK, and when they start to calculate, the sense of unity may disappear,” Werly said in his statement.

The Dec. 12 UK general election, which gave the Conservative “Tory” Party, represented by Johnson, an overwhelming lead in the British Parliament, was seen as a second referendum in favor of Brexit.

Washington Examiner journalist Hugo Gordon said that many of the Brits who voted to leave the EU did so because they felt that Brussels was hampering their economy.

“The Brussels oligarchy and its Westminster-allied ruling class governed without regard for the concerns of people who are ill-placed to prosper in a globalized economy,” Gordon said.

Some countries, including Ireland, had expressed concern that the inflexible attitude shown by the EU would affect their national economies.

In the event that a trade agreement is not reached by the end of the transition period and the transition period is not extended, the United Kingdom could still carry out an effective Brexit without agreement when the transition ends.

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