On Dec. 14, the Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo confirmed during a parliamentary meeting that Belgium would not send officials to the Beijing Winter Olympics, aligning with the US, Canada, Britain, Lithuania, Australia, Estonia and others.

Rep. Samuel Cogolati, a member of the Chamber of Representatives, first announced it on his Twitter account. 

Subsequently, the Transnational Parliamentary Alliance on China Policy, comprising 200 parliamentary members from countries worldwide, issued a document declaring “there will be no Olympic Games without human rights.”

It is expected that Belgian athletes will not be affected and may compete as scheduled.

Cogolati is a member of the Belgian Ecolo Party, which has repeatedly condemned the CCP’s violence in Hong Kong and the re-education camps in Xinjiang. On March 22, the Chinese regime placed ten Europeans and four entities, including Cogolati, on the sanctions list.

Commenting on this, Cogolati said it was shocking that the Communist regime attacked elected members of parliament and their families in this way. However, he said he would not let threats stop him from speaking the truth, but it would only strengthen his “determination to defend Hong Kong, Tibet and the Uyghurs in Xinjiang.”

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