The Women’s Tennis Association, or WTA, on December 1st, announced it would suspend all events in China, including Hong Kong. The move has drawn international attention.

Inside China, the Chinese regime prevented information about WTA’s withdrawal

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) expressed its anger towards the WTA in the official media outside the country. Inside the country, the CCP suppressed all news related to the incident. The Chinese people could not see this news, and there was no public discussion.

The CCP-controlled media took to WTA’s Twitter to condemn them on December 4th.

David Bandurski, director of the “China Media Project,” said that the CCP’s way makes people see that the CCP is desperate.

On December 2nd, Hu Xijin, the editor-in-chief of the “Global Times,” posted on Twitter protesting the WTA’s decision, accusing the WTA of “putting politics into women’s tennis.” The post did not mention the reason why the WTA withdrew from China.

Hu’s article did not appear on the Chinese page of the Global Times, but only on the English version of the newspaper and was hidden on the homepage.

In another English-language article, the Global Times said that the China Tennis Association or CTA expressed “indignation and firm opposition” to the WTA’s decision. But the strange thing is that the Chinese media did not report this case, nor did it publish it on their website.

Expert: WTA’s decision is very sensitive for the CCP

CNN points out that Beijing is hiding its anger at the WTA, which shows that for the CCP, the issue is very sensitive.

Banduski said this is like a storm outside China, and the CCP wants to keep it outside. This is to protect the CCP’s political system. Because once this issue spreads in the country, there will be questions about Zhang Gaoli. For example, is this accusation true? Why didn’t anything happen to Zhang Gaoli? These issues relate to core issues of the CCP’s power and legitimacy.

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