Australian workers expressed support for their prime minister, who was adamant about the threats from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) over the research into the management of the CCP Virus requested by Australia.

Australian Workers Union National Secretary Daniel Walton wrote to Prime Minister Scott Morrison, a Conservative, urging him not to capitulate in the face of threats from the CCP, according to News on May 14.

“Australia should resist any attempts to be bullied,” said Walton, the traditionally leftist union representative, overcoming politics in support of his country.

“It is critical the Australian ­government holds its nerve against such pressure and enforces its international and domestic rights,” Walton added.

Threats from the CCP include suspending the import of $63 billion worth of iron ore and imposing an 80 percent tariff on Australian barley.

It also banned the import of meat from four Australian slaughterhouses, while escalating his crackdown on the country.

Australian MP George Christensen called the CCP’s retaliation a “[expletive] act.”

Countermeasures to CCP threats

He also proposed as a countermeasure canceling the Darwin Port lease with the CCP, declaring a national security emergency.

“If we don’t get the meat and barley back soon and stop talking about other industries, we can really take some action of our own, then it’s a trade war,” Christensen said.

Previously, Australia’s foreign minister had been specific about the research required in the CCP Virus.

“We need an independent investigation to identify everything we need to know about the genesis of the virus, approaches to its management, and to establish the transparency with which information was shared,” Marise Payne stressed, according to ABC News.  

Similarly, Bernie Finn, a member of the Legislative Council of Victoria, Australia, was very direct in referring to the actions of the Chinese regime with respect to the CCP virus pandemic.

“The world must never excuse the Chinese communist government for the enormous pain it has inflicted on all of us,” he said on his Facebook account.

“It lied. It covered it up. It allowed the Wuhan virus to escape its borders. We must never forget that,” said Finn referring to the CCP.

Much of the international community joins in the claims against the Chinese regime for its mishandling of the CCP Virus, which has triggered the pandemic that is now causing disasters around the world.