An Australian farmer was unable to contain his excitement as torrential rain fell on his dry land.

The heart-warming video posted on social media shows the overjoyed farmer welcoming the rain after months of drought on his farm in New South Wales.

The farmer steps outside and enjoys the rainfall on his brown farm, showing off the downfall.

A farmer takes his hat off and enjoyed the rain falling on his face and property. (Reddit)

The farmer takes off his hat as he cheers and looks up to the sky as the rain falls on his face.

‘Send it down. Let’s get wet,’ he said.

He then shows his cows standing out in the rain and puddles spread around the ranch.

Friday, Jan. 17, saw a second heavy downpour falling on parts of Australia’s devastating bushfire, and drought-stricken east coast.

The first major rain in months fell on Thursday—drenching parts of Victoria and helping to extinguish over 32 blazes in New South Wales.

While the rain has brought much-needed hope to firefighters, there are also concerns that the wet weather could lead to flash flooding, landslides, and ash and debris contaminating the water.

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