New Zealand is the hiding place chosen by some of the leaders of the Communist Party of China (CCP) to deposit the large fortunes obtained illegally in China, and to shelter their illegitimate children, said Chinese billionaire Miles Guo, a resident of New York.

These activities were made possible  by the CCP infiltrating New Zealand, located in the southwest of the Pacific Ocean, according to the alternative media GNEWS of Aug. 25.

Guo reported that starting in 2013 many senior Chinese officials immigrated to New Zealand in anticipation that the new leader Xi Jinping and his second in command, Wang Qishan, would initiate a purge of corrupt officials.

Guo noted that until 2014 there were only 7,200 Chinese in New Zealand, but in 2014 the influx reached 50,000, according to records of the New Zealand immigration department.

He indicated that one of the leaders who immigrated was Fang FengHui, a former high-ranking general of the People’s Liberation Army, who did so to “hide his illegitimate children.”

Then came many wealthy Chinese, including Jack Ma of Alibaba, Wang Jian the former CEO of the HNA air operator group, Chen Feng, the president of the HNA group.

Also Ma Mingzhe the former president and CEO of Ping An Insurance, a business conglomerate dedicated to the insurance and financial services sector, immigrated.

Another of the CCP moguls with investments in New Zealand is Sun Lijun, the former deputy minister of Public Security, who owns a dozen mansions and a couple of apartment buildings, as well as illegally obtained gold bullion and artwork.

According to Guo, there could be more than a thousand “super-rich corrupt top officials of the CCP and its affiliated businessmen” who moved their fortunes to New Zealand.

It seems that the CCP’s influences on the small country may have helped.

“China’s foreign influence activities have the potential to undermine the sovereignty and integrity of the political system of the target states,” observed professor Anne-Marie Bradly in a publication titled “Magic Weapons: China’s Political Influence Activities under Xi Jinping,” for the Kissinger Institute on China and the United States.

In this study, Bradly noted that for Xi, political lobbying was one of the “magic weapons” of the CCP in its quest for power abroad.

She also noted that the relationship between New Zealand and the CCP was held by the CCP as a model for Western countries.

Two New Zealand MPs who withdrew were accused of having close ties with the CCP.

Labour MP Raymond Huo, is accused of having close links with CCP-related “united front” groups, and National MP Jian Yang who also withdrew from the elections, after being subjected to the same accusations as Huo, reported  New Zealand media Stuff in July.

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