Members of the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA), one of Australia’s leading support groups for expectant mothers, allege they are being forced to help transgender and gay men with breastfeeding issues, despite not being trained to do so and leaving aside their traditional duties of assisting breastfeeding mothers.

According to the whistleblowers, the ABA reportedly offers its services to LGBT families and requires its staff to counsel transgender women and gay men on breastfeeding issues, Breitbart reported.

Counselors reportedly expressed concern that they are not trained and do not feel comfortable offering support to transgender men or women because the service was historically designed to support the birth mother during breastfeeding.   

ABA has more than 1,100 counselors among its employees and volunteers who have been trained through 5 short videos to counsel trans people and gay men on breastfeeding issues. But, according to the complainants, the videos have diverted the counselors from their original mission of supporting new mothers.

Among the requirements imposed by ABA on its employees is to eliminate the differentiation of biological sex when referring to mothers and stop understanding them as the only people capable of breastfeeding. 

Although the association does not acknowledge having imposed these internal censorship regulations, Sue, one of the complainants, stated that they were notified that they “must use inclusive language to refer to their clients in November last year.” 

At least seven counselors were reportedly suspended by the ABA following accusations from other volunteers for using the term “mother” in the Facebook group.  

Sue claims that many of her colleagues did not feel comfortable being forced to offer their services to people who were not breastfeeding mothers.

“We do not consent to provide that support. We are experts in mother-to-mother breastfeeding. We have no skills in assisting in affirming men in their experimental attempts to breastfeed,” she said. 

Sue was disappointed with the ABA, especially when they did not acknowledge they were pressuring employees to work in a certain way, when, according to Sue, it is clear how the training videos “make it clear that we should be supporting men who call the national helpline, who feel they are women and want to breastfeed their newborns.”

“This is not what the ABA was formed to do and is in conflict with our code of ethics and founding documents,” she claims. 

Another whistleblower, who went by the name of Chris, serves as a lactation consultant and longtime ABA member. Chris said the priority of counselors has always been to cooperate in the breastfeeding process between the baby and the mother from whence it was born.

“It is not the role of mother support people to be counselling transwomen. Their number one role is to establish breastfeeding with the birth mother,” says Chris.

What is being exposed in Australia is yet another advance of leftist ideology penetrating the concept of the traditional family seeking to destroy it and defending the deformation of roles imposed by nature, such as breastfeeding the human being. 

In all areas of public health, not only in Australia, they seek to impose “inclusive language” to refer to key issues such as maternity, paternity, breastfeeding, and pregnancy, seeking to naturalize these ideals that depart from tradition and the natural order. 

For example, in the United States, they seek to impose the idea of replacing the concept of “pregnant” with that of “person who gives birth.”

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