According to Taiwan News, Taiwan is suffering a resurgence of CCP Virus (COVID-19) infected cases that has put the government on alert and is also battling fake news on the Internet about the seriousness of the situation. 

At a press conference on Monday, May 24, Chen Tsung-yen, who serves as deputy chief of the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC), suggested that the Chinese regime launched a disinformation campaign and asked people to be aware of the fake news circulating on the Internet about this resurgence of CCP Virus cases.

Wanhua District is the epicenter of this new outbreak. A fake Twitter account posing as local media Liberty Times is spreading false information saying that “Taipei and New Taipei have become ghost towns, with 20,000 people missing and mass cremations for COVID victims in Wanhua.”

Cheng noted that the accounts that are misinforming people have foreign IP addresses and use simplified Chinese language, terms commonly used in China, and exaggerated descriptions of the Taiwanese government’s handling of the coronavirus.

These fake news reports include alleged dialogues between doctors implying that the official figures are false and claiming that bodies are being dumped in rivers because crematoria are overcrowded.

The official recommended that official sources be sought and warned that disseminating this false news could imply fines or 3 years in prison.

He added that this disinformation seeks to jeopardize efforts to prevent contagion at a time when the worst outbreak since the beginning of the pandemic is taking place.

It should be noted that this disinformation campaign comes as no surprise, as the Chinese regime is looking for any situation to discredit Taiwan.

The small island is an example in its response to the CCP Virus. It was the first country to take action against the virus and inform the WHO of its existence despite not being listened to by that organization due to the close ties between its president, Adhanom Tedros, and the Chinese regime.

Although it is facing its worst outbreak, Taiwan was one of the countries least affected by the pandemic that is affecting the whole world, and this is not much to the liking of the Chinese communist regime.

To date, the island has accumulated 4,322 cases, of which just over 3,100 correspond to this new outbreak, and so far, only 23 people have died.

These data contrast with the actual number of infections and deaths in China. Although the Chinese regime reported that to date, they had accumulated 90,991 infected and 4,636 deaths, these numbers are not real, especially coming from a dictatorship that has total control of the media and information.

It is not a minor fact that the virus originated in China, and there is more and more information confirming that it came from a laboratory in Wuhan and not from the Hunan wet market.

Since the beginning of the pandemic and despite the strict secrecy of the Chinese regime, information has been leaked showing that deaths from the virus were much higher than officially reported.

According to reports, the crematoria in Wuhan were collapsed, which shows that the numbers made public by the Chinese government are more than doubtful.

On the other hand, Taiwan’s official data are more than reliable and it is hoped that the government can successfully contain this new outbreak.

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