One of Germany’s former heads of espionage accused Chancellor Angela Merkel of creating a security crisis in her country and in the European Union with the open border policy of 2015, allowing 1.5 million migrants to enter in just one year.

“We have seen the consequences of this decision in terms of German public opinion and internal security—we experience problems every day,” said Dr. August Hanning, who headed Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service (BND) until 2005, according to Sunday Express.

“We have criminals, terrorist suspects, and people who use multiple identities,” Hanning said. And those who carried out the Berlin attacks had documents for 12 different identities. 

Likewise, Hanning considered that the 300,000 immigrants who have not yet been fully identified in Germany constitute a massive security risk.

On the other hand, he believes that Merkel lost power because of her contradictions on the issue. She has said that her open-door policy was not a mistake, she also said it will not happen again.

Statistics show that between 2014 and 2016, in Germany, the number of murders increased by 14.6% and rapes by 8%, according to a BBC publication.

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