The Alibaba female employee who accused her boss of rape has been dismissed

In an email sent to the employee on Nov. 25, Alibaba said it terminated her because she was “Publishing or spreading false statements outside, or knowingly fabricating, spreading fictitious facts, or spreading unverified news, causing harm and is a bad influence.”

Alibaba did not specify or provide evidence of the employee’s alleged conduct.

The Dahe Daily reported from the employee that she knew she did nothing wrong. She promised to pursue justice for her rights with legal challenges.

In early August, the employee alleged on the company’s intranet that she was forced into a business trip by her co-worker. Once there, she was made to drink alcohol with a client and was later assaulted by both the client and her co-worker.

Alibaba pledged “zero tolerance” for sexual misconduct as her story broke outside. It fired the alleged co-worker and later terminated ten other employees who leaked the information outside. 

The client who took advantage of the female worker was set free. The police detained him for 15 days but later said they lacked evidence to prosecute him.

It is not uncommon for female workers in China to be sexually assaulted. And Voice of America commented that it is common in China today to see sex offenders abuse their power and escape impunity thanks to its corrupted justice system.

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