Albania has agreed to a U.S. request to welcome Afghan asylum seekers. People who worked with Western military forces will be temporarily housed in the Land of the Eagles, if the rapidly advancing Taliban insurgence endangers them.

Prime Minister Edi Rama is happy to help the Biden administration offer shelter for genuine refugees who want to live in the United States.

“No doubt we shall not say ‘No,’ not just because our great allies ask us to but because we are Albania,” he said according to Politico. “[We are willing to offer help] not only when we need them for our problems … but even when they need us, any time.”

Albania previously welcomed 3,000 members of Iran’s People’s Mujahideen Organization, also known as Mujahideen-e-Khalq in Farsi. Asylum seekers had camped outside the country’s largest port, Durres, back in 2014 according to Reuters.

Rama said two other U.S. charitable organizations asked the prime minister to house hundreds of Afghan academics and female activists who the Taliban might execute.

President Joe Biden separately contacted Kosovo, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and other countries to help the United States house prospective refugees. However, authorities from those jurisdictions have not been as welcoming according to Reuters.

Kosovo prime ministerial chief of staff Luan Dalipi revealed talks began in July. 

“There is a lot of logistical, technical, security, and social work that we manage with care,” he said according to France 24.

Meanwhile, Qatar authorities are close to finalizing a contract to house some 8,000 Afghans in the country, which boasts having a large U.S. military post.

About 1,200 Afghans have successfully evacuated to the United States, with the number expected to grow to 3,500 in following weeks thanks to “Operation Allies Refuge.” Some asylum seekers will proceed to a U.S. military facility in Virginia for processing while others will be transported to hosting nations.

The Taliban has already reached the Afghan capital of Kabul. Officials believe the militant group wants the central government to unconditionally surrender, according to the Associated Press.

The Taliban took just over a week to conquer nearly all parts of Afghanistan despite North Atlantic Treaty Organization and U.S. investments in strengthening Afghan security forces. BL can reveal this cost taxpayers billions of dollars in the past two decades.

The United States will deploy at least 9,000 troops to Afghanistan to join the 1,000 already there. Soldiers will help withdraw U.S. forces and evacuate allied personnel.

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