On Tuesday, July 27, a man is lucky to be alive after a shark aggressively chomped his butt at Piedade Beach in Jaboato dos Guararapes, Brazil—the same beach where a man lost his life after a shark attack on July 10.

The victim, Everton dos Reis Guimaraes was taken to a local hospital for treatment after suffering injuries to the back of his left thigh and buttocks when he was squatting in the water, the New York Post reported. He was then transferred to another hospital, where he underwent surgery and is now recovering.

The incident happened near the spot where a drunk man was killed while peeing a week before. On this stretch of beach, 13 shark attacks have been reported and seven of which have resulted in a loss of life.

The most concerning incident occurred on July 10 when a drunk man was mauled to death by one of the predators while urinating in the sea.

Despite signs urge people to keep out of the water, Piedade is known for being a shark attack hotspot this time of year, according to the Post, due to heavy rains clouding the water.

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