A few days after the devastating letter signed by a thousand soldiers in France who warned about the collapse of the nation and called for a coup, a document signed by a second group of high-ranking officers has just appeared, now warning of the risk of a “hybrid war” in the European country.

These soldiers coincide with their comrades in the state of decline that France is experiencing and propose “a global strategy” against the threats facing Western civilization.

What does this new call mean? What is the background of these military letters? What’s coming in the next few days?

A few days after the publication of an open letter signed by generals in the conservative magazine Valeurs Actuelles and subsequently supported by presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, it has just emerged that sixteen high-ranking French military officers had warned of an imminent civil war to parliamentary groups.

The sixteen soldiers are known to be part of the Joint Reflection Group, in turn, descended from an earlier group, “The Sentinels of the Agora.”

According to the French weekly Le Journal Du Dimanche, it is a 21-page document addressed on April 14 to parliamentary groups.

According to one of the signatories, the report results from “responsible and impartial” work.

The group is mostly of generals, and one of them would have even been the first lieutenant of the French Prime Minister, Jean Castex.

Two of the signatories were also featured in the generals’ earlier letter calling for a military coup. It is also clarified that there is no direct relationship between the two initiatives.

However, the observations made by these high-ranking military personnel raise notable coincidences:

“A hybrid war has been declared against us, it is multiform and will end, at best, in a civil war, or at worst, in a cruel defeat with no tomorrow.”

Furthermore, the document underlines that this conflict has already started: “A hybrid war has begun against Europe and France (…) and we must forge the psychological, sociological, moral, educational, legal and criminal weapons to lead and win it.”

While this new letter does not speak specifically of a military coup, it proposes a “multidimensional strategy” to combat the forces that threaten French society.

It should be noted that the letter from the other French soldiers who called to defend the homeland and warned about an imminent military coup against the globalist government of Emmanuel Macron was immediately condemned by the progressive forces and by the authorities, who described it as seditious and irrelevant.

But what is striking is that the French people apparently think very differently from their rulers, and the polls show the strong support they are giving to the military and are even encouraging them to carry out the coup.

Pollsters have come out to measure the reaction of the French people to the military letter, and the numbers show that there is massive support for military action.

Furthermore, according to Le Parisien, many more have been added to the initial signers of that first letter, which in principle had been said to be a little more than a thousand, up to a total of 8,000.

And although the authorities are trying to minimize the fact, from the military ranks, it is pointed out off the record that many thousands more did not sign for fear of sanctions but that they adhere 100% to the letter’s content.

In any case, what is evident is that the French people have already said “enough.” And now, it remains to be seen how the military will respond.

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