Gan Jing World (GJW), led by James Qiu, a former Apple executive, is a new online information, video, and entertainment platform with a global reach. Unlike most of its competitors, it is committed to being completely free of ideological censorship and all types of degenerate, sexual, violent and deviant content.

About Gan Jing World

Gan Jing is a Chinese word that means “clean”, Gan Jing World could be translated as “clean world.” It refers precisely to a pure virtual space free of so much perverse information that circulates on social networks and other platforms that have damaged children and adults in recent years.

In its letter of introduction, the platform defines itself as a network that strives “to provide a diversified, well-balanced Internet space free from violent, erotic, criminal, or harmful content.”

As its mission, GJW intends to create a wholesome, family-friendly platform that allows people of all ages to freely share knowledge, ideas, views, and entertainment without fear of censorship. 

Following four guiding principles: “No violence, no pornography, no crime, and no drugs or harm,” GJW, furthermore pledges to be safe, non-partisan, unbiased, and diverse. By following the four precepts, people are free to express their views and share about their lives without being censored. 

The platform is based in Middletown, New York, and is comprised of a group of digital experts. The founding team includes people of Chinese origin, exiled in the United States after suffering fierce political persecution by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The company’s CEO, James Qiu, a well-known Silicon Valley professional, emigrated to the United States after participating in China’s June 4, 1989 student movement. He then began practicing an ancient spiritual discipline called Falun Gong, which is banned in China, and its millions of practitioners are persecuted to this day. 

He witnessed firsthand the harmfulness of communist propaganda and the suppression of the media under the Chinese regime. Fro this reason, with a group of professionals, he decided to create GJW and offer a diverse platform for different communities to share information freely, responsibly, and with respect for others. 

The platform claims no ideological or religious bias, and even hopes “all political parties will participate and share their ideas.”

Chiu said that while other platforms use algorithms to generate as many clicks as possible, regardless of whether the content benefits people, Gan Jing World’s purpose is to genuinely enrich people’s lives.

Until a few weeks ago, the platform had been posting only Chinese-language videos, covering a wide range of topics, including lifestyle, arts, culture and videos exposing CCP atrocities. But in just a few days, thousands of posts in Western languages such as English, Spanish and French have multiplied.

In addition to thousands of videos uploaded by users, GJW has a series of channels with news media, mainly in Chinese and English, but also in Spanish and other languages, which provide updated news 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

According to reports, GJW will soon launch a mobile application for iPhone and Android. In the meantime, it continues to develop its English web version, which provides a better and more enriching experience for content creators and audiences worldwide.

Traditional social networks under criticism

The most popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or the Chinese Weibo and Tik Tok, are under severe scrutiny. In recent years, it has become evident the oligopolistic power they have created in the sector, which allows them to commit a series of unprecedented legal and moral crimes on a global scale. 

Through censorship, these networks could impose the agenda of what should and should not be talked about and under what bias it should be done. Suppose you think differently from those who pull the strings in Silicon Valley. In that case, you can express it, but outside the virtual world because if you do so within their platforms, you will undoubtedly be sanctioned or directly eliminated. 

Curiously, the same does not happen with a large amount of content on these platforms loaded with pornography, child eroticism, extreme violence, an apology to drugs, and a wide range of issues that are not only allowed but promoted by the application’s algorithms. 

According to CNBS, there is also the issue of cybersecurity. Especially apps like Tik Tok, linked to the Chinese communist regime and its intelligence apparatus, have serious allegations that they are being used to obtain information on the behavior and trends of millions of Western users for geopolitical and military purposes.

Cybersecurity experts have also expressed concern that the Chinese regime’s government may use TikTok to spread propaganda or censor Western audiences.

As reported by a group of whistleblowers to CNBS, Byte Dance, Tik Tok’s parent company, has free access to the data of its U.S. users and has complete control over Tik Tok’s entire decision-making process and product development in Los Angeles.

GJW thus emerges as an alternative to existing platforms, which are driven by the desire to multiply their profits and impose narratives. They are designed to attract people, even when they can harm the psyche of young children and adults and affect collective morale.

GJW’s goal is just the opposite of what current social media propose. Chiu and his team want the new platform to do the opposite: bring positive energy and productive and healthy content to the lives of families.

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