Kindness has no age limit, and this man certainly shows it! This 86-year-old man decided to learn how to knit so that he could make hats for premature babies. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Ed Moseley is a retired engineer. He lives at the Dogwood Forest assisted living facility in Acworth, Georgia. Just a few months ago, their residents were asked to knit wool hats for early-born babies. Ed didn’t know how to knit but felt as though he wanted to do this.

He spoke to his daughter about this concern and asked for her support. She then got him all the materials he wanted, as well as instructions. He’s started learning the process gradually.

While watching TV he started knitting. He was able to knit a hat in about an hour, quick enough. Then, he began teaching other residents how to knit and make the hats.

Combined, they were able to hand in 300 hats to the intensive neonatal care unit at Northside Hospital in Atlanta. Among those 300 hats, Ed finished 55.

This was the same hospital Ed underwent treatment for his cancer.

Ed Moseley has encouraged many to knit such hats from his dedication. The children at the school were inspired by his granddaughter’s lessons, and are also making hats now.

His love for knitting continues as he now makes hats for his family and friends. He is taking orders right now, too. He doesn’t charge anything, as long as they buy the yarn.

The man who has learned to knit hats for premature babies is absolutely amazing. May we all be like him a little bit more each day. It does make all the difference in the world for those around us, no matter how small our acts may seem.

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