According to CNA, the World Health Organization (WHO) principal legal officer, Steven Solomon, confirmed that more than ten nations had submitted a proposal to invite Taiwan to attend the World Health Assembly (WHA) as an observer.

The 75th WHA is about to occur in Geneva, Switzerland, on May 22.

The WHO held an online media briefing on May 16 and allowed media reporters to ask questions about the main topics and procedures of the WHA.

A reporter from AFP asked whether the Taiwan issue would be discussed in the assembly. Solomon confirmed that 13 member nations had proposed a motion to invite Taiwan to attend the WHA as an observer.

Solomon said they hope to initiate an interim motion to put Taiwan’s participation in the WHA on the agenda. He added that according to the process, the proposal was accepted immediately.

The committee will discuss it on the evening of May 22 and then make recommendations for the plenary session, which will decide whether to put it on the agenda.

After answering, Solomon took the initiative to ask the host to give reporters more time to clarify Taiwan issues further.

He pointed out that the General Affairs Committee will discuss whether Taiwan should be included in the supplementary item on the agenda on the 22nd. Still, this process is not open to the public. The possible first public discussion of this proposal will be on the agenda of the plenary meeting on the 23rd.

A reporter asked if China would participate and if the “Investigation Report on the Source of the COVID-19 Epidemic” had been forgotten.

Tim Armstrong, chief of the World Health Assembly’s affairs, said they had not forgotten. It was in the final stage and would be reported to the member nations. He also noted that Secretary-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus had taken this report seriously. As for whether the Chinese representative will participate, it is still uncertain.

In a related development, Taiwan News reported that Former Taiwan Vice President Chen Chien-jen participated in the second Global Covid-19 Summit on May 12. Meanwhile, China refused to join the summit because of Taiwan’s presence after being invited by the U.S.

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