Maduro, FARC and ELN plan attacks

Leaked documents have surfaced confirming that Maduro, along with the FARC and ELN guerrillas are planning terrorist attacks to destabilize Colombia.

An extensive investigation of the Semana newsletter has shown evidence, for the first time, of the extensive presence of Colombian guerrillas in Venezuela.

The leaked documents reveal that Maduro has ordered aid and training for the guerrillas as they outline terrorist attacks on Colombian territory.

In these circumstances, Colombia, which numbers more than 1,500 Colombian guerrillas in Venezuelan territory, will ask the international community to declare Venezuela a country that supports terrorism.

Colombia: Electoral candidates face attacks, death threats

Attacks and threats against candidates disrupt the electoral process in Colombia.

A few weeks before the elections for mayors, governors, local and regional legislative bodies, a new assassination was reported in the northwest of the country.

A professor and candidate for the Democratic Center for Toledo Mayor, Orley García, died after being shot.

This crime occurs six days after the assassination of Karina Garcia, candidate for the Liberal Party for Mayor of Suarez, in the department of Cauca.

In addition, Betsaida Montejo, the candidate for mayor of San Calixto in Santander, has condemned a grenade attack on her house.

Along these lines, the candidate for mayor of Mahates, José Altahona has also announced having received death threats from criminals.

Sexual violence against children in Peru

Sexual assaults on children numbering close to 900 are reported each month in Peru in 2019.

A government report highlights that the figure equals 30 cases per day, an increase over the previous year.

Between January and July of this year, Peruvian authorities received a total of 6,237 complaints of sexual violence against children aged 0 to 17.

Analysts point out that despite the introduction of life imprisonment in Peru for rapists of children under 14, cases appear to have increased.

Moreover, state sources assure that the increase in cases is not due to an increase in crime, but rather to the fact that victims feel more confident when reporting cases.

Bolsonaro will attend the UN Assembly

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said he will resume work on Tuesday after being successfully operated on Sunday for an abdominal hernia.

The operation, the fourth since he was stabbed a year ago during a campaign act, lasted about five hours, two more than expected.

Bolsonaro, after thanking God that everything went well, confirmed that he will go to the UN General Assembly to be held on 24 September in New York.

It is expected that Bolsonaro will denounce in the opening speech of the event of an alleged attempt of foreign intervention related to the fires in the Brazilian Amazon.