FARC trains children by killing other children

A Colombian judge has documented that FARC guerrillas order the children they recruit to kill their own comrades.

Iván González says they train the children by forcing them to shoot other children who do not follow orders correctly, or try to escape.

He says that since he took office as a magistrate of the Special Justice in 2018, 60 executions of this nature have already been documented.

González also expresses concern that only 10 convictions have been handed down in 50 years against the guerrillas, in terms of the massive recruitment of minors.

He also mentions that although sexual violence is widespread in the ranks of the guerrillas, it is difficult to obtain evidence and testimonies from victims.

Brutal crimes in Nicaragua attributed to President Ortega

Some analysts state that the wave of brutal crimes in Nicaragua bears the hallmark of President Daniel Ortega.

They indicate that the crimes are being perpetrated by the same paramilitary groups that Ortega created to quell the citizen protests of 2018.

Permanent Commission on Human Rights Pablo Cuevas says authorities continue to recruit, arm, and free many criminals.

Along these lines, Elvira Cuadra, a security expert, denounces the pattern of criminal conduct used by the paramilitaries in a large part of the murders committed in 2019.

Cuadra points out that the brutality of the armed groups created by Ortega acts as a catalyst, and is generating other types of violence in Nicaragua.

Child suicides on the rise in Venezuela

The number of Venezuelan children who resort to suicide in the face of crisis caused by Maduro's socialism has increased.

Psychologist Abel Saraiba says growing up in the Venezuelan humanitarian emergency leaves a deep imprint on children that can be fatal.

He says a large number of children are forced to live in a state of permanent tension.

They do not know if they will have enough to eat, or if they are exposed to situations of violence and abuse resulting from the crisis.

Saraiba also reports that some 850,000 Venezuelan children have lost contact with at least one of their parents after they emigrated abroad.

The member of the Community Learning Center 'CECODAP' censures that this increase in child suicides is being totally ignored by the chavista regime.

About 500 people arrested in Ecuador

At least 500 people have been arrested in Ecuador while protesting against the policies announced by the government to reduce the economic deficit.

The arrests increase after Ecuadorian President Lenín Moreno declares a 'state of emergency' on Thursday, following intense widespread riots.

Yesterday, Minister María Paula Romo put the number of people detained at 477 since the beginning of the clashes led by indigenous groups and trade unions and promoted by former Socialist President Rafael Correa.

Defense Minister Oswaldo Jarrín points out that most of the arrests are for vandalism, which calls for a return to subsidizing the fuel price.

On Wednesday, October 9, the unions and other left-wing organizations will call for a national strike.