Greenland is China’s No. 7 property developer. Since its parent company is mired in debt, will Brooklyn’s unfinished construction projects rely on the Shanghai government for relief? The debt crisis in China’s real estate industry may spread to the United States.

The New York real estate magazine “The Real Deal” published an article on June 1, citing the unfinished construction project Pacific Park Complex in Brooklyn as an example, and said that the project of green space in the United States is now “threatened by the Chinese debt disaster.”

When Xi Jinping officially took the helm of the CCP in 2013, many Chinese state-owned enterprises, driven by the CCP’s “One Belt, One Road” and “Chinese enterprises going global” strategy, rushed into industries such as oil, fuel, and entertainment in the United States. Greenland is one of the state-owned enterprises in the real estate industry that realized the important strategy of the CCP’s “global layout.” .