Recently, the article titled “The newly appointed Minister of Education of China suddenly spoke: The ruler must be returned to teachers!” was spread on the internet, causing heated discussions among netizens. Experts say that the Chinese Communist Party does not really want to restore traditional culture, but to strengthen its power in the field of education it will turn to a more violent form education.

The article claims, 99% of teachers today are afraid of hitting students. Instead of waiting for the children to be beaten to death by society in the future, it is better to teach them to be respectful right from a very young age. Respect is understood as respecting traditional cultural values, respecting the normal society behavior rules, and respecting the principles of how human beings should treat one another.

Reporters discovered that this article first appeared in February on the education bureau website of Xinzhou city. In 2021, the CCP’s Xinhua News Agency published a number of articles promoting the “return of rulers to teachers” and advocating for teachers’ “right to punish.”