French President Emmanuel Macron announced on Monday, July 12, that all healthcare workers, be they nurses, doctors, etc., will have to be vaccinated against COVID–19 by Sept. 15. In addition, anyone over the age of 12 who wants to leave their home, whether to have a coffee, sit down for a meal or go to the cinema, will have to provide proof of having been vaccinated or at least not being infected.

According to Daily Mail, Macron said to health workers, “you will have until Sept. 15 to get vaccinated.” After that date, controls will be made, and sanctions will be applied.

According to the media, the strict measures are in response to the Delta strain, which comes from India and is highly contagious.

“From the beginning of August, the health pass will apply to cafés, restaurants, hospitals, retirement homes, and long-distance transport: planes, trains, and coaches for long journeys,” said Mr. Macron.

“From July 21, use of the health pass will be extended to places of leisure and culture,” Macron warned, and “for all our compatriots over 12 years old, it will be necessary to have been vaccinated or have a negative test to access a show, an amusement park, a concert or a festival.”

It was Bastille Day on July 14 in France, and many people flocked to the streets to protest, with many of them clashing with police. Here are a few of the videos that have been trending on Twitter.

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