The Department of Justice (DOJ) revealed the tricks used by an executive from the Zoom platform to sabotage video conferences that exposed the Chinese Communist Party’s version of the 1989 Tiananmen massacre.

Xinjianf Jin was labeled a spy for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), who sabotaged the video conferences with false evidence of child pornography, racism, and terrorism against the users, The Blaze revealed on Dec. 20. 

By order of the CCP, at least four video meetings were infiltrated and shut down in commemoration of the 31st anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre on June 4, 2020.

Brooklyn federal court denounced and issued a warrant for Jin’s arrest for conspiracy to commit interstate harassment and for transferring a means of identification, according to the DOJ website

“No company with significant business interests in China is immune from the coercive power of the Chinese Communist Party,” said Assistant Attorney General for Homeland Security John C. Demers. 

Reiterating, “The Chinese Communist Party will use those within its reach to sap the tree of liberty, stifling free speech in China, the United States and elsewhere about the Party’s repression of the Chinese people.

Demers also insisted that officials dependent on the CCP will continue “repressive activity against the values that have allowed that enterprise to flourish here.”

Jin, 39, who lived in Zhejiang Province, China, and worked as a “technical security leader” for a technology company based in San Jose, California, gave the CCP information about users and meetings, including the IP addresses of users who spoke out against the Party. 

Jin collaborated with the CCP and its intelligence service members to eliminate political and religious expressions by users of the Zoom platform. 

The CCP often uses all the means at its disposal to divert attention from crimes committed in pursuit of its dark objectives, as in the case of the Tiananmen massacre, which killed thousands of citizens demanding their democratic freedom. 

The same occurred with the origin and controversial handling of the CCP Virus, which continues to cause destruction and economic ruin in the world.

A massive leak from a database exposed nearly 2 million registered CCP members who had infiltrated Western businesses and government agencies, according to a Dec. 13 report.

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