Prominent attorney Lin Wood warned Dominion Voting System, “You are going to pay a heavy price,” as he takes on the defense of his colleague, Sidney Powell, who is being sued for defamation after accusing the company of shocking U.S. election irregularities on Nov. 3.

“Last night, I was honored when Sidney Powell called me and asked me to serve as lead counsel for her in defending the frivolous defamation lawsuit filed against her by Dominion.I quickly accepted,” Wood wrote on his Telegram account according to the alternative media outlet Hill Reporter on Feb. 12. 

And Wood added, “Get ready to rumble, Dominion. You made a mistake suing Sidney. You are going to pay a heavy price. Sidney and I will not be intimidated. We will not go quietly in the night.”

Both Wood and Powell ardently defended the electoral integrity of Americans in the last presidential election. Wood continued with his warnings, “Hey Dominion, I will see you and your employees and officers soon as truth is pursued and established. I will see you across the table where you will be subjected to a thorough and sifting cross-examination under oath.” 

He added, “I know how to deal with legal bullies like you. Check my record.”

Several of the fraud lawsuits are still being prosecuted in court, and this one on Dominion is an outgrowth of those patriotic battles.

One of the fiercest fights was against Dominion for its use of vote-counting machines, which had vulnerabilities to be hacked to alter the results in favor of a particular candidate, misleading voters.

The implications were definitive and may have involved an extensive worldwide network with roots in countries such as Germany, Spain, and Italy.

Such a plot would have allegedly involved foreign powers such as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Russia, and Iran, considered enemies of the United States. 

Dominion’s machines continue to be widely used, and in a recent vote in Rockingham House District 7 in Windham, New Hampshire, a hand recount again revealed flaws.

Each of the four Republican candidates was found to have had nearly 300 votes deducted, The Gateway Pundit reported Feb. 11.

However, New Hampshire Attorney General Anne Edwards, a Republican, does not appear to be investigating these controversial results. 

Italian journalist, Cesare Sacchetti, commented on this case, “In Windham, New Hampshire, the Dominion Voting machines stole 300 votes from each Republican candidate. These machines were not conceived to ‘count votes.’ These machines were conceived to perpetrate the biggest electoral fraud in history.”

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