A Louisiana mother launched a lawsuit against the Bayou State to prevent her underage daughter from having a second abortion on Oct 12.

The Lafayette resident wants to hold the state judicial system responsible for killing her first unborn grandchild.

Louisiana law requires parental consent for abortion. However, judges can resort to a “judicial bypass” that allows the controversial procedure. This can apply to domestic abuse victims according to Life News.

New Orleans Juvenile Court Judge Tammy Stewart used the bypass to overrule the mother’s wishes against the procedure. This allegedly resulted in the 17 year-old daughter terminating pregnancy at 18 weeks, perforating her uterus in the process.

The mother also accuses the Judicial Bypass Project of influencing her daughter. The pro-abortion group allegedly helps minors have abortions without parental knowledge or consent.

The adolescent later became pregnant again, and the mother does not want her daughter to have another procedure. She hopes the lawsuit will defend her unborn grandchild’s right to life.

A judge recently agreed to issue a temporary restraining order to prevent other judges from allowing the teen’s abortion. Another hearing is scheduled for the following week.

Louisiana Right to Life Committee “strongly supports” the mother’s efforts to stop judges from authorizing her minor daughter’s abortion against her consent.

“A 10 minute Zoom call is not adequate for a judge to wipe away the parent-child relationship, especially when the parent is ready and willing to help the minor to raise the baby,” associate director Angie Thomas said according to the publication. “The result of this system is that virtually any minor can go around their parents to get a judicially-approved abortion, especially when pro-abortion attorneys are coaching them through the process.”

“A judge with virtually no knowledge of the minor and her family should not be able to veto a parent, and decide what is in the minor’s best interest,” she added.

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