Witnesses to cases of irregularities during the electoral process in different parts of the United States presented their complaints and affidavits to the Trump administration so that they could be presented as evidence of the aberrant fraud. The witnesses are afraid of reprisals for telling the truth and must suffer the lies and harassment of the lrgacy media, which acts as an accomplice to the electoral theft.

During Fox’s “Ingraham Angle” an election worker recounted her testimony after witnessing obvious irregularities during the presidential elections, asking not to show her identity for fear of reprisals. At the same time, Richard Hopkins, a postal service worker, denounced state officials in Keystone, Pennsylvania, for encouraging irregularities in the vote count. Then some media invented that he had recanted, but it is not true. 

According to one Clark County poll worker’s account, while walking on her break near the polling place where she was working during early voting days, she noticed a group of people handing out white envelopes and then hiding at the side of a Biden/Harris van. Those receiving the envelopes would bend over to mark the papers, which she claimed were ballots.

“As I approached, I thought, ‘Those are ballots,'” the witness said, then added, “I passed by four or five times. The next time I passed, they were putting them in the envelopes. They were putting them in a pink and white envelope.”

After the worker witnessed the irregularity, she stated that the people formed a kind of “human wall” so that she could no longer observe what they were doing. The worker told the Ingrham that she was very frightened by this situation and feared reprisals. 

After the events, the postal worker made a sworn statement that was used by the Trump administration as one of the pieces of evidence it presented to investigators in its fraud claims.

Pennsylvania Post Office employee Richard Hopkins alleged that his area postmaster, Robert Weisenbach, was “backing up the postmarks on the ballots to show that they were received on November 3, 2020,” when they were actually collected after that date. 

Hopkins also signed an affidavit detailing names and events of irregularities during the election, which is being used by Trump administration lawyers as evidence of fraud in Pennsylvania. 

In another dirty move by the Democrats and their media partners, they managed to have a false statement that the Pennsylvania postal worker had recanted his accusations go viral.

But in a video released Tuesday night, Richard Hopkins absolutely denied having retracted his statements. “I’m here to say that I haven’t recanted my statements. That didn’t happen,” the witness said. The video was released by journalist James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, the nonprofit association that helped gather evidence for the election fraud allegations.

President Trump himself intervened in the matter by posting Hopkins’s video on his Twitter account with an attached message that reads, “A brave patriot. More & more people are stepping forward to expose this Rigged Election!”

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