On Dec.3, a spokesman for the U.S. Treasury Department said a series of sanctions would be announced next week to commemorate the Democracy Summit.

The sanctions target those involved in corruption, severe violations of human rights, and the destruction of democracy.

It is still unclear if these sanctions will turn into actions. 

Moreover, the United States does not provide information on who faces sanctions. It is obvious to point out a few corrupt Chinese communist party (CCP) officials who abuse human rights and challenge democracy. 

After the United States imposes the sanctions, let’s see who will receive the punishment first among the CCP officials.

 Benjamin Golden, a senior researcher at the Wilson Center in Washington, pointed out that the United States sees CCP as the biggest challenge to democracy.

The Voice of America claims that in addition to suppressing Hong Kong and Taiwan, the CCP’s list of ill-handling on human rights and foreign affairs is quite long. 

Some key points

Regarding human rights violations, the CCP has limited the rights to freedom of expression, has increased control over private businesses, has used genocide against the Uighurs in Xinjiang.

Regarding foreign affairs, The Communist Party has ignored international arbitration and militarized islands in the South China Sea; has pursued hostage diplomacy on Canadian citizens; imposed Economic sanctions on Australia’s exports, and started violent clashes on the border between China and India.

Daniel Bell, former U.S. Ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, told Voice of America:

The Democracy Summit of the Biden administration does not aim to address democracy’s challenges. Instead, it is a call for allies from President Biden,

News directory3 reported.

Bell said that “defending democracy is a teamwork.” Biden “gathers civil society leaders from all over the world to make everyone realize that democracy faces a series of challenges. The world must work together, whether it is a large democracy or a small democracy. Democracies

Song Wendi, a lecturer at the Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies at the Australian National University, said the summit’s purpose is to provide an opportunity for like-minded international members to weave a safety net to enhance the resilience of the liberal international order.

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