NewsMax reporter Emerald Robinson, on Monday, March 22, interrogated White House press secretary Jen Psaki about the Biden administration’s handling of illegal aliens versus National Guard troops.

Five thousand soldiers were transferred to a frozen parking garage in the middle of winter the day after President Biden’s inauguration.

For 5,000 soldiers, there was just one power outlet and one toilet.

The soldiers were thrown into a freezing parking garage near the Capitol Building after Biden used them for security.

According to a report by WXYZ-TV reporter Brian Abel, more than a dozen Michigan National Guard troops stationed in Washington were sickened, with some being hospitalized, after being served raw or undercooked meat and meals laced with metal shavings.

Other meals provided by a contractor chosen by the Democrat-controlled Washington administration have left the troops hungry.

The undercooked food issue started in early February, but the meals were so poor that a staff sergeant contacted a Detroit news station in early March.

According to recent news, the Biden administration has awarded a Texas nonprofit a six-month contract worth $86 million to house up to 1,200 illegal alien families in hotels in border communities in Texas and Arizona.

Robinson grilled Psaki about it, and she spun like a top trying to justify why the Biden administration prioritizes illegal aliens over military personnel.

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