A new children’s show on a Disney-owned channel is drawing heavy criticism for attempting to impose a highly leftist ideological content on its viewers while promoting the narrative of the controversial Black Lives Matter (BLM) group, including the imposition of the false idea that “white people are inherently evil.”

Disney-owned cable channel Freeform TV, formerly ABC Family, is running the series “Grown-ish,” which is being accused of spreading among children and teens the supposedly “anti-racist” ideology promoted by BLM, which is rightly accused of being racist and intolerant of whites.

The program is aimed at high school children. Among other controversial issues, the protagonists make statements such as “whites are inherently evil” and describe American police officers as “racist cops.”

In a recent episode titled “Boy with a Gun,” which aired on August 4, a black man is shown being shot by police in Virginia. According to ” Grown-ish ” writer and co-producer Des Moran, the plot was influenced by the murders of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd.

The person shot comes out of a small market where he bought a snack and runs into a group of policemen who, for no apparent reason, point their guns at him; the young man raises his hands following the instructions of the officers, who despite the boy’s obedience decide to shoot. The tragic situation does not resemble any case that Black Lives Matter has defended in real life.

The episode seems to be trying to install the misconception that any white police officer would be willing to shoot an unarmed black man for no reason, just because he is black. 

The shooting death of the young black man becomes a call for social justice by the main characters of the TV show, who attend a college called “Cal U.”

During the episode, one of the characters says, “Do you not even watch the news? Uh, have you not heard about the racist-a** cops who murdered another man in Virginia?”

In another scene, a black character is asked about his position on “support the justice of an innocent black man,” to which he says he doesn’t want to “ruin people’s mood by talking about some poor black kid who got killed by the cops.” The character is then called a “bad black person” for not committing to social justice.

In another conversation laden with ideology and racism, one of the characters is overheard asking, “Why are we having this discussion about bad black people and arguing with each other, when we all know white people aren’t sitting around discussing whether or not they’re a good white person?.”

To which his partner replies, “That’s ’cause white people are inherently bad.”

The next episode, which can be seen on August 12, will focus on the BLM protests sparked after the shootings. The young people will discuss their roles in the movement and how far some of them intend to go. 

This is not the first time Disney has been accused of pushing leftist ideologies on its viewers. They are also doing so with gender and transgender politics issues, even in cartoons aimed at five or six-year-olds. 

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