According to a video released Sunday by Project Veritas, an employee of toy firm Hasbro alleged that the company is pushing Critical Race Theory among its employees in training. They teach that babies can be racist and that five-year-olds have anti-black pro-white tendencies.

Harvey Nash Company packaging engineer David Johnson was hired by Hasbro. He leaked a video of an employee training where Katie Ishizuka and Ramon Stephens, co-founders of “Conscious Kids,” talk about racism in children.

Johnson says he approached Project Veritas because he sees that the toy company wants to indoctrinate children and wants people to know about the situation, which he opposes.

He also claims that they want to introduce children to racial prejudice from a very young age when they don’t even understand racism and race.

In the video, Ishizuka can be seen explaining how young children are prone to racist behavior.

She explains that “By three to six months, babies are beginning to notice and already express preference by race,” and goes further by saying that by age two they are already using “race to reason about people’s behaviors.”

Johnson thinks this reasoning is absurd, that it cannot be stated as fact.

According to Ishizuka:

  • At age three, children are already applying stereotypes and may intentionally use racist language, just as white children have bad attitudes toward black children.
  • At age four, they show a bias in favor of whites and against blacks.
  • At age five, they show many of adults’ attitudes, mainly in favor of “privileged” whites.

Johnson says he was surprised when he heard what the co-founder of Conscious Kids said and called it “absolutely absurd” to be categorical and point out that 5-year-olds are just as racist as adults and that this kind of approach that lumps an entire race of people together by color and treats them as racist is totally discriminatory.

He also believes that Critical Race Theory uses a Marxist view and separates races into oppressor and oppressed, the white race is the oppressor, and the non-white race is the oppressed. And he claims that this is totally divisive thinking.

Johnson’s concern lies in the fact that he believes that “the end goal for ‘Conscious Kid’ is to make sure that Hasbro is going to use their lens and that Hasbro is going to push their principles through all levels of their product marketing and packaging.”

It should be noted that as seen on their website, ‘Conscious Kid’ bills itself as “an education, research, and policy organization dedicated to equity and promoting healthy racial identity development in youth” and offers help in “taking action to disrupt racism in kids.”

David Johnson appeared on Sean Hannity’s Monday night show on Fox News and said he believes Dr. Martin Luther King would never have supported Critical Race Theory.

He also confirmed that he was suspended from accessing Hasbro’s systems after making the video public.

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