Whirlpool Corp, one of the largest appliance manufacturers in the United States, has just announced an extra $1,000 incentive for its employees in exchange for receiving one of the available CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus or COVID-19 vaccines.

The new incentive, confirmed by Whirlpool to CNN, seeks to reach many workers who are reluctant to get the COVID-19 vaccine, citing the large number of studies showing serious adverse effects and low efficacy against the virus.

In a statement published by CNN, Chad Parks, a Whirlpool spokesman, said the vaccination incentive would apply to previously vaccinated employees and those currently and prospectively vaccinated.

“Our employees’ health and safety remain our top priority,” Whirlpool said. “Throughout this pandemic, they have been working tirelessly to serve our consumers, who are depending on our products more than ever to clean, cook, and provide proper food and medicine storage in their homes, and we are working to ensure we can deliver.”

Whirlpool was already offering employees a smaller $200 incentive, but launched the new $1,000 bonus last week when Biden made the announcement about controls on companies with more than 100 employees, as is the case with the appliance maker.

The move was announced in the wake of increasing pressure on companies across the United States to increase vaccination rates among workers. President Joe Biden announced last week that he would direct the Department of Labor to develop a rule that companies with more than 100 employees will require vaccinations or testing once a week for their workers.

The new ruling will affect tens of millions of U.S. private-sector employees and health care workers, and companies that fail to comply with Biden’s directive could face stiff penalties. 

Biden’s plan took large companies with more than 100 employees across the country by surprise. They will now be required to ensure that all their employees are vaccinated or face fines and violations. 

Such was the uncertainty among large companies that the Consumer Brands Association trade group representing FMCG brands such as Coca-Cola, Kellogg, and Campbell Soup sent a letter to President Joe Biden on Monday with a long list of questions about his new vaccination mandate.

In the letter, Consumer Brands Association Executive Director Geoff Freeman demands “immediate clarity” on the administration’s new COVID-19 Action Plan so that the various areas of the companies can prepare to carry out the necessary enforcement and control measures.

The questions reflect the uncertainty created by Biden’s announcement and hint at frustration in the business community with the federal government’s response during the pandemic.

Betsy Booren, vice president of regulatory affairs for the Consumer Brands Association, told CNN Business that the industry was surprised by Biden’s announcement and would have liked to see more details in the initial release.

Whirlpool is one of the latest companies to issue high employee incentives in an effort to vaccinate employees in the face of strong resistance, especially from those segments of society who, because of their age range and health status, do not consider it necessary to get a vaccine that is still undergoing testing.