The Carter Center on Tuesday, May 4, published a photo on Twitter showing President Biden and the First Lady Jill Biden visiting the 32nd President Jimmy Carter, which left so many scratching their heads, wondering what they were looking at.

On the 100th day of Biden’s presidency, the Bidens paid a visit to the Carters.

The meeting was the first between the two couples since Biden’s election, as the former president and his wife were unable to attend the inauguration in January due to COVID-19.

“It was great to see President Carter,” Biden said before leaving Georgia, according to CNN.

“It reminded me that I was the first person to endorse him outside of Georgia. And we sat and talked about the old days and he introduced me to a friend of his, a reverend he wanted me to get to know, and Rosalynn was great, too. We just had a nice time. We’re old friends,” he said.

The meeting was held in private because Jimmy Carter, 96, has health issues that affect his ability to hear and communicate.

As of today, the post has received over 80k likes and thousands of comments and shares due to the photo’s weirdness.

Jimmy Carter was reported to be 1.77m tall while Joe Biden is 1.82m tall, but even if Carter had grown shorter in old age, the photo would suggest that Biden is taller than Carter by much more than five centimeters.

A Twitter user who posted a side-by-side picture of The Carter Center and a dollhouse wondered: “How the Hell did they get the Bidens INTO the Carters’ house?”

Conservative writer Michele Blood also left a comment:

The now-viral photo’s odd proportions were most likely caused by a wide-angle lens distorting the subject’s height. Joe and Jill Biden were closer to the camera than Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, according to PetaPixel, and because of the wide-angle of the shot, they look much larger than they are.

One Twitter user posted the picture, which had been cropped to correct the proportions, with the caption: “My guess is the room was very small, so they had to use a wide-angle lens to get everyone in. The choice of lens was correct, but someone should’ve fixed the distortion in photoshop before releasing it. Something like this, maybe?”


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