In response to an AZ Central opinion article accusing her of being a “white supremacist” following her first tweet, Arizona senator Wendy Rogers (R-Ariz.) released a sharper statement. She declared that she “will not back down from this statement.”

“Apparently the #FakeNews is triggered because I said we are being replaced. We Americans who love this country are being replaced by people who do not love this country. I will not back down from this statement,” Rogers said. “Communists & our enemies are using mass immigration, education, big tech, big corporations & other strategies to accomplish this. The groups who are doing this undermine our families, our history, our faith, and our rights. We need more people who love America, not less.”

“We are being replaced and invaded,” Rogers claimed on July 17 after sharing that 730,000 migrants have entered illegally from Mexico into the United States following a Breitbart report on Texas.

AZ Central, a long-established local USA TODAY outlet, instantly published an opinion article that compared her statement to “hate and extremism,” by using the words of Nick Martin from The Informant that claimed she was repeating the “‘great replacement’ myth,” whereby native-born Americans are being supplanted by foreign-born aliens. The website accused her of giving support “to white supremacists” and calling her comments “gross.”

On Thursday, July 15, Rogers has called on President Joe Bidens’ electors to be recalled to the state and a new election to be conducted following an explosive hearing on Arizona’s 2020 election audit. “Arizona’s electors must not be awarded fraudulently & we need to get this right,” she said.

Rogers, one of the first Republicans to call for an audit of Maricopa County and leading the way during the audit, announced that the election was stolen. “Start demanding justice NOW. This election was stolen from us. Hold peoples’ feet to the fire,” she said in a tweet on July 16.

In his statement, Trump hailed Rogers’ role and supported her idea that the election should be decertified.

“The highly respected State Senator Wendy Rogers said in a tweet the hearing today means we must decertify the election. In any event, the Senate patriots are moving forward with final results to be announced in the not-too-distant future, but based on today’s hearing, why even wait?” Trump said.

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