A North Carolina couple survived a horrific assault by a rabid bobcat right outside their front door, and it was all captured on video. Since then, the video has gone viral.

A vicious growl can be heard before Kristi Wade yelled at her husband, Happy, to run. It is a viral video with millions of views on social media.

Just like any other day, the husband and wife stepped outside into their quiet Burgaw neighborhood in the morning.

“We were taking our senior cat to the veterinarian, and my husband walked out before I did with a cup of coffee and some treats for the vet,” Krist said.

Kristi said she walked out shortly after hearing a growl near one of the couple’s cars in the driveway.

This was a wild 46 seconds pic.twitter.com/jIHQg0G4qU

— Sada (@Evi3Zamora) April 15, 2021

The Wades said the wild animal raced across the street from a neighbor’s house and up into their driveway when the attack happened.

“Oh my God! Oh my God! Happy!” Kristi screamed as a tiny bobcat lunged and pounced at her from behind in their driveway.

“It first attacked my hand, that I held behind me to try to fend it off, and then I felt it crawl up my back,” Kristi told local news Khou.

“I kind of shoved my arm in there, that’s why I ended up with it face-to-face, and it’s not really until I get it a few steps away that I look at it and I realize it’s a bobcat and I say oh my god it’s a bobcat,” Happy said.

“The third time it bit me I could actually feel the tooth on my bone because there’s no skin there. And that’s when I realized, and that’s when I flung it,” Happy said.

Happy, hearing his wife’s screams, leaped into action as the bobcat attempted to bite Kristi’s throat.

Rushing to Kristi’s side, the man caught the lynx with his bare hands and screamed, “Oh my God, it’s a bobcat! Oh my God!”

Then the heroic Happy threw the bobcat across the grass.

“Get out, get out, get out!” he screamed and pulled a pistol from his pocket as the wild cat ran under his car. “Kristi! Watch out!”

Rather than fleeing into the woods, the animal returned to the house and entered the garage. “Something wasn’t right,” Happy thought to himself.

“I’ll shoot that f—–!” he yelled. “Get out! Watch out! Watch out! It’s a bobcat!”

“I knew because of the way it acted that this is not normal behavior for a bobcat. Only a bobcat that was rabid would do this,” Happy later told Khou.

While neighbors called 911, Happy decided to shoot the animal. He fired a shot to its shoulder.

Officers arrived at the Wade residence quickly and killed the cat.

Since the video went viral on Twitter on Thursday, it has been viewed over 12 million times, and commenters have been stunned by the sight.

“My guy just won every argument with his wife for the rest of their marriage,” one user teased. “‘Remember that time I pulled that bobcat off you? Mmhmm. YOU take the trash out.’”

“He saved my life,” Kristi said of her spouse. “I don’t know where I’d be or what sort of shape I’d be in had he not been there. It could have been so much worse it could have been one of the little girls that live just a few houses down.”

“It was very scary,” Kristi said. “It makes me think a little bit when I walk out my front door to water my flowers on my porch. Never have thought about it, probably shouldn’t anymore, you know this was a freak thing.”

The dead animal was sent to a state lab in Raleigh for testing and returned positive for rabies. The couple is now being treated for the virus.

“It’s a lot of shots. We had over 30 each,” Happy said.

The couple said they love animals and did not want to see the bobcat die. But it was the moment that they will never forget.

“I’m not happy that this happened; we don’t take any pleasure that I shot the cat,” he told local news WECT. “I knew when I realized it was a bobcat, having been born and raised in Eastern North Carolina and hunting all my life, you know, that’s just not normal.”

“In my head, I knew it had already attacked two people. If it had attacked somebody else and I didn’t do something, morally, it would have bothered me for a long time,” he added. “It was hurting my wife, and I didn’t want it to.”

The couple has several pets, including two cats and a dog, that are all rescue animals.

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