Brave 4-year-old twin girls freed themselves from a Washington state car wreck and climbed an embankment seeking help in the dark after their father was killed in the crash on Whidbey Island Friday evening, Dec. 6.

Corey Simmons, 47, of Langley, did not survive after his Nissan Sentra left a winding Whidbey Island road—skidding at least 100 feet into a ravine and striking multiple trees before coming to a stop. 

Authorities said Simmons was not wearing a seatbelt and suffered a head injury when the car crashed into trees and went down the embankment.

Corey Simmons and his two daughters Aurora (L), and Rosaline in a family photo while cutting down a Christmas tree a week ago. (Photo courtesy of Esther Crider)

After the crash, his identical twin daughters, Rosaline and Aurora, unbuckled their car seats and checked on their father.

When they realized he was not talking and needed help, they got out of a broken car window and climbed about 200 feet to the road for help.

Trooper Axtman said a good Samaritan passed the girls on the side of the road and went back to help. The driver called 911 and the girls were transported to the hospital with minor injuries.

The girls were reunited with their family at the hospital, according to Axtman.

“The bravery that these two little girls showed was incredible,” Axtman said, calling their actions “extremely heroic and brave.”

GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family after the unexpected loss of Simmons. 

The cause of the crash still remains under investigation.

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