A 15-year-old student was allegedly forced to wear a monitoring anklet during volleyball practice at Eatonville High School in Eatonville, Washington because she was not vaccinated, The Post Millennial reported.

The girl’s mother spoke anonymously to The Post Millennial and recounted what happened to her daughter.

The student texted her mother, informing her that they wanted to put a monitoring anklet on her during volleyball practice.

The mother texted back and called her daughter, but received no response, so she contacted the school. When she did not receive answers from the school staff to her questions about the anklet, she decided to go to the school.

At the school, she was able to speak with a staff member and the coach, Gavin Kralik, who informed her that there had been a meeting the previous week to discuss the ankle monitoring program for unvaccinated students. It was intended to track contacts if a COVID or CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus test was positive.

The coach told her that the device was used in indoor sports and would alert players when they are “too” close.  In turn, she was told that the anklet would also be used for contact tracing. In addition, if a positive CCP virus test is given, unvaccinated students will have to perform a 14-day quarantine while vaccinated students will not.

The mother did not know about the use of this anklet, as there was no mention of it in the back-to-school policies.

Coach Kralik told her that there were forms for people who opted out of the program at last week’s meeting.

The mother said that she had not been told about the meeting and that the athletic director acknowledged that it was a mistake not to have her consent before putting the anklet on the girl.

She also said that when she advised that she wanted to take her daughter home, a school employee asked the girl to remove the anklet before seeing her mother and that they could only take a picture of the device in the coach’s hand.

The device used by the school is manufactured by the Triax company, and its purpose is for “maintaining social distancing guidelines,” it has a sound and visual alarm that is activated when the social distance is less than the recommended one.

But according to the company’s website, it is for manufacturing and construction companies, and nowhere does it mention its use in schools.

The device also has a passive interaction collection system for contact tracing if any of the workers test positive for the CCP virus.

Moreover, according to The Millennial Post, Coach Kralik presented the school board with a tracking system to avoid quarantine on the soccer team. 

The devices would be worn on the field, placed in players’ helmets, had no GPS or cellular capability, and would be a way to reduce periodic testing for the CCP virus.

This initiative will be addressed at this Wednesday’s school board meeting. The bylaw says a vote must be taken to accept donations before paying for any program, even if it is fully funded.

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