A multinational retail company worker, who often buys goods for struggling shoppers out of her own pocket, received an act of generosity herself.

Gloria is arguable one of the most generous cashiers at Walmart’s store in Ammon, Idaho. She has used her own savings many times to help needy shoppers put food on the table, and one of her satisfied customers decided it was time to return the favor.

An anonymous shopper wrote a letter to East Idaho News (EIN), explaining his “emergency run” to Walmart and how Gloria happily paid his $14 bill after realizing he had forgotten to bring his wallet.

“I grabbed what I needed, continued to self-checkout, rang up and realized I did not have my cards, wallet, money–nothing,” he said in the letter shared on YouTube. “She said there is a way [and] she then fiddled in her pocket, slipped her personal debit card in and paid.”

When the customer offered to pay back the money later, Gloria politely refused.

“This is where it really touched me: she told me that it no big deal and not to worry [a]bout it because she does this all the time–mostly for the elderly who cannot afford all [of] their groceries,” he said. “I do not [normally] need the money, I do not [usually] need the help but Gloria did not think twice to help me when I did need it–and she did it without thinking of herself.”

When EIN read this heart-warming story, the news team decided it was time to reward Gloria for her generosity and visited her at work on May 7.

“We decided to thank Gloria for her kind act and visited her as she was working on aisle 25,” the broadcaster said on YouTube.

The cashier ended up being featured on EIN’s “Feel Good Friday” segment, during which reporter Nate Eaton showered her with flowers, chocolates, and two gift cards from the broadcaster.

“We wanted to come and thank you for making our community better, so we got you these and we got you some chocolate, and we want to take you to dinner,” Eaton can be heard saying on the video. “Here is a $50 gift card from Ashley Furniture at any of those places [listed on the card, and] there is $25 that you can use at any of those places.”

Gloria was thrilled to receive the gifts and said it “made her day,” even though she already enjoys making a difference in her local community.

“I do it all the time … because if they do not have enough money, I know what it is like not to have money, so I just feel like I should help somebody else out,” she can be heard saying.

The cashier has worked 1.5 years for the company and likes coming to work every day.

“I love everything, I love my boss Sarah, I love the people–I just enjoy it,” she said.

The anonymous shopper hopes everyone can draw some inspiration from Gloria’s selfless act, especially during the worldwide pandemic.

“Gloria is genuinely a selfless person who likes to help others,” he said in the letter. “It really hit me that we all can and need to do better to help others in these crazy times.”

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