Whistleblowers are coming out in droves in support of exposing the voter fraud that has stained the United States, and President Trump’s son Eric Trump tweeted out a warning about the voter fraud investigation, saying, “This is just the beginning.”

On Tuesday, Nov. 10, the Trump campaign filed a lawsuit against the Michigan secretary of state and Wayne County, claiming Republican poll observers were treated differently to the Democrat ones, thus violating the Constitution.

General counsel to the campaign Matt Morgan told reporters that Republican poll observers were harassed and refused permission to review the mail-in ballots alongside Democratic observers, violating the Equal Protection Clause. The federal lawsuit was filed in Michigan and lists concerns in Detroit, Wayne County.

It includes more than 100 affidavits that detail multiple election discrepancies in the county, including individuals voting many times and ballots being put through more than once.

“It was pervasive,” said longtime GOP election lawyer Thor Hearne, counsel to the campaign.

Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller said the fight for justice is more than just for the presidency.

“This isn’t just about the presidential race, it’s also about these Senate races coming up on January 5,” Miller told Wednesday’s “Greg Kelly Reports.”

“If we don’t get down to the bottom of any of the fraud and illegality going on in Georgia, this could come up again in just a few weeks and have something to do with the outcome of the balance of the Senate.”

Republicans currently have 50 senators and need to win at least one of the two races to retain a Senate Majority.

Rudy Giuliani told Steve Bannon on Wednesday that more whistleblowers have surfaced.

Giuliani told Bannon the Trump campaign’s lawsuit is a combination of David Kallman’s case and Trump campaign counsel, Thor Hearne’s evidence.

“They both have superior information,” Giuliani explained. “Thor has the part of it with the government insiders—who basically are turning, let’s call it state’s evidence,” he said. “They are Democrats who are testifying against the Democratic effort because they are so disgusted. That’s basically Thor’s, uh, people,” said Giuliani. He also sent a tweet.

He went on to explain, “Kallman has the community people, and he’s got the Dominion people, and they were the ones who were the actual, not the poll workers, but the observers. They were excluded and lied to,” Rudy said.

He added, “Two of whom stayed behind after all the Republicans were left out, and they’re the ones who have the evidence on the 100,000 votes coming in—and they have some photographs also.”

Rudy continued, “You put those two together, and you have some very powerful evidence that the Cobb [Cobo] Center [the TCF Center was formerly known as Cobo Hall], that it was a—let’s make up the vote room—How much do we have to make up and let’s get there.”

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