Flash floods and severe rains have hit new York City as a result of Hurricane Ida. A state of emergency was issued in the event of a flash flood.

For the first time in history, the National Weather Service in New York declared a Flash Flood Emergency for New York City, advising residents to seek high ground as soon as possible. The highest degree of flood alert is an ‘Emergency’ warning, indicating urgent and serious hazards to life and property.

One man was spotted smoking a hookah while resting on a pool float in a flooded alley as New Yorkers hunkered down and tried to weatherproof their houses as the remnants of the hurricane flooded the city, per New York Post.

A video posted to Twitter, which is believed to have been captured in the Big Apple during the storm’s barrage of rain, shows a man in an athletic onesie and sneakers calmly resting on the inflatable in the flooded alleyway. The man seems to be completely oblivious to the situation and utilizes the streets as a lazy river.

The man is seen smoking from the device, lying back on the raft, and blowing plumes of smoke while drifting in the murky waters, the pouring rain pelting him from above.

After Barstool reposted the video with the caption: “New York is under water, but this guy is living his best life,” the video received over 1.3 million views and thousands of reactions.

“This is how you become a mutant,” One Time Tommy, a Twitter user, responded.

“I got hepatitis just watching this,” Mr. McSteely joked.

“Welp here comes Covid-21. Thanks patient zero,” said Scotty Doesn’t Know.

At least 13 people were killed in New York City as floodwaters deluged basement apartments, uprooted cars, and slammed them into buildings in Brooklyn and Queens, reported AP News.

The hurricane killed at least 46 people from Maryland to Connecticut on Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Most of them drowned in flooded basement apartments, or their cars.

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