Warning: Graphic Content

On Wednesday, Aug. 7, a man went on a rampage stabbing spree in Orange County, Southern California, and killed at least four people and injured two others.

On Thursday, a video of surveillance footage was posted on Facebook by the Garden Grove Police Department showing the shocking moment the convicted felon unleashed his fury on an innocent woman at an insurance office—one of the half-dozen attacks he conducted, with a knife.

The woman, who survived the harrowing attack, shown in the video managed to fend the suspect off until he appears to rob the store before continuing his two-hour rampage elsewhere.

The suspect has been identified as a 33-year-old gang member with a criminal history—”sentenced to four years in state prison for 14 convictions, for drug possessions, possession of a firearm, an assault weapon, and ammunition by a felon,” KABC revealed Thursday.

He served about 16 months in prison before being released in January 2016.

The video was released along with the suspect’s booking photos to show the speed and viciousness of the suspect’s actions, the police department wrote on Facebook.

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