For 30 years, Pressley Stutts proudly served as a chaplain in the United States Navy. He is now a small business owner in South Carolina after retiring from the military. When he’s not working, Stutts, a true patriot, is busy helping to save our country in some way.

On Jan. 6, 2021, Americans marched peacefully through Washington, in defiance of what most Americans believe was a rigged election. Stutts was one of the courageous patriots to defend election integrity in America, braving conditions imposed by DC’s mayor, including closed restaurants, shops, pubs, and even public bathrooms at the Capitol.

Stutts flew to Washington to demonstrate his support for President Trump. He wasn’t part of a planned uprising, and he had no idea he’d end up on the Capitol steps. As the barricades around the building were removed a police officer motioned for him and hundreds of other protesters to march to the Capitol steps. He joined hundreds of others to express their support for President Trump.

Stutts never made it past the Capitol stairs. He did, however, see men dressed in all black smashing windows at the Capitol building, prompting Trump supporters to speculate that they were members of antifa.

As men dressed in black broke out the windows of the Capitol, women screamed, “Antifa! Antifa!” according to Stutts.

Stutts’s time on the Capitol steps was brief, but the retaliation he received for daring to stand on the steps on Jan. 6 may haunt him for the rest of his life.

Here’s Stutts’s amazing tale about being interrogated by the TSA on several occasions after voluntarily agreeing to meet with the FBI this weekend.


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